101concrete im Brandenburger Landtag bei “Kunst zur Zeit”



101concrete bei die PLATTE Remastered in Potsdam

culture meets theater

The tradition of a culture of movement meets the stage space of the theater. The performance experiment developed from the point of view of the art of displacement - Art du Déplacement - and looks for forms of expression of a personal vision of this art of movement. The four artists create their own stage space in the form of a complex structure made of bamboo poles and musical interaction, with which the two performers Stevie Koglin and Lukas Schapp relate from various perspectives and on different levels.


The two performers create a elusive, constantly changing space that they shape, interpret, approach, in constant dialogue, cooperate, come into play with each other, grow together. Friendship.

This piece is a reflection of the lived practice of Art du Déplacement, which shows, questions and rescales limits on different levels. This unique, unprecedented theater experiment and stage design, developed by the performers and the architecture student Jonas Zeidler, is the mirror of an authentic practice, which, through impartiality and imperfection in the freedom of decisions, lets you experience the complexity and aesthetics of Art du Déplacement.

Benjamin Schultz entered into a musical interaction with the artists and tried to interpret and collage their movements with both classical and breakbeat-like elements. Benjamin Schultz also has his artistic debut in relation to Potsdam's creative and stage space. This music will probably also be experienced live in the later indoor version of the performance.